Study plan submission

General information

You will have to submit your study plan at least once in your university career.

In Which Year
Each study programme description ('Manifesto') specifies in which year you are required to submit your study plan: view the Study Plan section on the Unimia page to find out all the details.

How and When
The study plan may be submitted once a year.
The deadlines, submission guide and templates are posted to Unimia, in the Study Plan section.
Once it is completed and approved, you can still change it by submitting a new one the following year. If the new plan is approved, it supersedes the previous one. The plan must be submitted online on the Unimia page. If, for some reason, it is not possible to submit it through Unimia (e.g. for old degree programmes, or for particular study plans), you may submit a paper copy as an alternative. Please contact the registrar through the Informastudenti service.

Deadlines Academic Year 2023/2024:

The window to submit or change the study plan is from 1 February to 29 February 2024.

The study plans for computer science degree programmes

A study plan is valid (and will therefore certainly be approved) if it complies with the Study Programme for the academic year of initial enrolment. It is the official document defining your individual degree programme. The Study Programme is available in the courses section.
Should your study plan not be approved, you will be notified by email and may re-submit (once) an amended study plan to academic services within the terms provided in the email, otherwise you will have to wait until next year.

In addition to the rules specified by the Study Programme (with the list of mandatory and elective courses), you should avoid incompatible courses
As a matter of fact, some courses are mutually incompatible, for various reasons, and cannot be both included in the study plan. For instance, in the Master's degree programme in Computer Science, the same courses taught in Italian and English are incompatible. 
You can find a list of incompatible exams in the attached file. (The list is not exhaustive: in addition to these, there are special cases of incompatibility due to overlapping with previous courses that are now inactive).

Note for students of the Bachelor's degree programme in Computer systems and networks security who intend to continue their studies with a Master's degree programme in Informatics security: If you take a Master's degree course as an elective during the Bachelor's degree programme, you will have to replace that course with another one in the same academic field (IUS/01, SECS-P/10, INF/01, ...) in your study plan for the Master's degree programme.