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The education program can be enriched by educational activities abroad both to deepen some topics and as socialization experience in international environments. WIthin the Erasmus+ program study periods can be taken in over 50 universities in Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Lithuania, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, Hungary. Courses will be recognized in the personalized study plan. These periods abroad are typically 5-month long and include courses for about 30 CFU, in the area of information and communication technology and related applications. Recognition of these educational activities will be based on the Learning Agreement, to be defined in advance by the student and the Erasmus coordinator at the Computer Science Department before starting the period abroad: course in the learning agreement with passed exams will replace the educational activities of the study plan ("manifesto"), either by covering the same topics or complementing the acquired basic competences. The Erasmus Committee at the Computer Science Department will perform the recognition of CFU obtained abroad and the definition of the personalized study plan. Similarly, stages to prepare the final dissertation are allowed in the same foreign universities. Recognition will be performed by the Department Erasmus Committee.

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