Stage and Internship

Internships for Computer Science Master's degree students

Regularly enrolled students can undertake a company internship awarding no learning credits, possibly in connection with their degree thesis.

You can find further information in graduation section.


Master's degree thesis and internship committee

Internship procedure
  1. A company intending to submit internship proposals for Computer Science students should first contact the University Study and Career Guidance Service (COSP), in order to obtain registration and credentials for access to the online platform. The company will then post its internship proposals on the online platform wall.
    See information on this page.
  2. Students will upload their CVs on the placement platform.
    See information on this page.
  3. Each student will choose a proposed internship and submit his/her application. Go to the online platform
  4. The company will receive the application and contact the student for an interview.
  5. If the student and the company agree to start the internship, the company will upload an individual training project to the platform.
  6. The academic services office will
    (i) receive an internship request email from the platform,
    (ii) review the student's career, and
    (iii) appoint the chair of the Master's degree thesis and internship committee as academic tutor. The latter will start up the internship via the platform. The academic services office will approve the internship as a zero-credit internship.
  7. Both the student and the company will be notified by email of the approval of the training project. The company will prepare the required documentation (training project on corporate letterhead or with company stamp, signed by the manager) and send it electronically to the COSP.
  8. At the same time, the student will submit his/her thesis application, as shown in the dedicated section graduating.
  9. At the end of the internship, the company tutor and the student will fill in and upload their respective end-of-internship assessment forms on the platform.

All relevant notices should be sent to the academic services office.

General information (COSP)

An internship (or traineeship) is a training experience encompassing different options:

  • Students can participate in curricular internship/work placement
  • Those who have completed their study programme not more than 12 months ago can do extracurricular internships/traineeships.

The Cosp manages setup procedures for internships in public and private companies and institutions aimed at enrolled students, graduands and postgraduates.

How to find a stage opportunity

Students can either select one of the available internship positions on the University noticeboard or find an internship by themselves.
In any case they must follow procedures established by the Study and Career Guidance Centre (COSP).